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Published:June 18th, 2008 10:24 EST
Hot Hal Savar a Las Vegas Must See

Hot Hal Savar a Las Vegas Must See

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)


Last Thursday night, my buddy, Keith Leon, Author and Relationship Coach, and I went out on the town in Las Vegas and stumbled into a local bar, and had the pleasure of seeing one of Vegas` hottest bands-- Hal Savar and His Acoustic Soul Band: "Las Vegas` Only Live Juke Box."
Savar and his band have a music repertoire of more than 300 songs, and they play for four hours straight!
The show was amazing!  But, more impressive than the energy-filled, four straight hours, was Savar himself. He`s a stocky kid with good looks, a personality, a quick wit and connects with an audience like no other. He kept people dancing, applauding and laughing for the entire night. Between songs, and occasionally during, with that quick wit, had people cracking up, and chicks jumping up to have their photo taken with him. Wish I knew how to sing. LOL.  The attention he garnered would make any critic think that this kid was an International Rock Star!
The way Savar`s juke box works is that show-goers fill out their song request on a sticky note and toss a few bucks into the bucket. He has someone keep track of the requests so they are all played and played in order of the request. I learned that Savar also has a self-titled freshman album (CD) by some of his followers, perhaps "groupies" is more apt, who request of some of his original music. Whether playing cover tunes or his original music, this kid`s a major hit. He`s what I call a top Vegas performer-- "Famous in Vegas!"
Later in the evening I was chatting with one of the bar managers, and he said that whenever Savar performs, the bar revenue increases by at least 100%, and always more than any other band they book. So I asked why he didn`t book Savar five night a week, and he said he`s tried; but, the kid performs six to seven nights throughout town.
If you`re ever in Las Vegas, and want to see one hell of a rockin`-ass show, find out where you can catch Hal Savar and His Acoustic Soul Band: "Las Vegas` Only Live Juke Box."
Have a Rockin` Day!