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Published:July 12th, 2008 15:38 EST
DVDs Showing Anti-Smoking Ads

DVDs Showing Anti-Smoking Ads

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Six major film studios have agreed to include antismoking public service announcements produced by the California Health and Human Services Agency in the DVD releases of all new movies rated G, PG or PG-13."

Quotation from the New York Times

I suffer from asthma and smoking is anathema to me; I strongly support all efforts to educate the public about the dangers of smoking. But I am firmly against the new plan to add anti-smoking spots on all DVD`s showing tobacco use.

This is Big Brotherism (Is this a word?) run amok! Films require a suspension of disbelief, and a public service announcement (PSA) brings you down to reality. I watch DVD`s to forget about the problems of the world and have a good time. I don`t want my viewing experience to be ruined by a nagging PSA

Smoking is one of the least dangerous type of behavior depicted in the average movie. Almost every motion picture features at least one scene of risky sexual encounters, is the next step to add a PSA warning about the dangers of AIDS to every flick showing couples engaged in unprotected sex?

Every summer blockbuster has scenes where the hero performs unbelievable stunts like jumping on the hood of a moving car or taking on a small army of AK 47-wielding villains armed only with a pocket knife. Will there be a PSA warning: Children don`t try this at home, if a horde of gun-toting bad guys come after you don`t try to fend them off with a knife, run for your life!

Stop the Madness! Pretty soon the PSA`s will be longer than movie.