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Published:July 20th, 2008 14:10 EST
Dark Knight Drawns Big Crowds in Middle East

Dark Knight Drawns Big Crowds in Middle East

By John Lillpop

No, not the movie just released stateside and already a box office mega-success!  We are talking about the real Dark Knight who answers to the name Barack Obama. Obama has expanded his campaign act to the Middle East where he popped in on the troops in Afghanistan, and immediately took on the role of a huge favorite to many of the troops.  Next stop for Obama is Iraq where the candidate has shoved President Bush out of the picture by securing the approval of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for his (Obama`s) plans for withdrawing American troops.

While there, Obama will visit the grave of Saddam Hussein, the man from whom the candidate`s middle name was derived.  Later next week, America`s Dark Knight will visit Israel and the West Bank where he will show off his considerable flip-flopping skills by "disexplaining" his position(s) on Jerusalem.

On this critical campaign stop, the Dark Knight will also build on his reputation as a "unifier" by keeping the Israelis and Palestinians as far apart as is physically possible.   In a most audacious move, Obama will assert that the Bush-McCain Peace Map for the area is ineffective and in need of immediate "change."

Having solved kerfuffels in Afghanistan, Iraq and between Israel and the Palestinians, the Dark Knight will return home where he will immediately endorse Speaker Pelosi`s pummeling of President Bush as a "total failure."

The big question: Is Obama really the Dark Knight, or is he more like the Joker?