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Published:August 9th, 2008 13:12 EST
Newsflash: Clay Aiken Is A Father

Newsflash: Clay Aiken Is A Father

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Which of these headlines seems the most unlikely?

*Montauk Monster Declares He`s Running For President

*Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian President Hold Hands And Sing Kumbaya

*John McCain Drops Out, Admits He`s Too Old

*Lindsay Lohan Joins A Convent

*Clay Aiken Is A Father

The most preposterous headline is the one claiming that Clay Aiken is a father, but it`s true!

"The former American Idol contestant and music producer Jaymes Foster welcomed a baby boy Friday morning, the singer said in a statement on his Web site.

`HE`S HERE!` Aiken writes. `My dear friend, Jaymes, and I are so excited to announce the birth of Parker Foster Aiken."Aiken

Quotation from People.Com

Clay Aiken is gay as all get-out, not that there`s anything wrong with being gay. Aiken has been outed by just about every publication and Web site in the world.

This story seems unbelievable until you learn that Foster became pregnant not the old-fashioned way, but by in vitro fertilization.

Aiken seems like a very decent young man, and I`m sure he will be a terrific father.

Congrats to Aiken and Foster