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Published:December 17th, 2008 16:34 EST

Joy to the World! Or Christmas-Phobia?

By John Lillpop

In my opinion, Christmas should be a time of great joy and good will. People everywhere should be caught up in the "Christmas Spirit!"

 ChristmasTo some, however, Christmas is but a dreary reminder of the grim consequences of allowing the unwashed masses to express religious superstitions. To such people, an "over exuberance" of faith during the Christmas season is reckless and irresponsible!

Joy to the World, NOT!

Christmas haters, usually nutball liberals, experience great joy only when denying people of faith a smattering of joy. They go to great lengths to force the removal of offensive Nativity scenes, or to causeChristmas trees to be thrown out.

Shutting down an unconstitutional reenactment of the Christmas story by a class of sappy third graders is a particular delight to leftists suffering from seasonal Christmasphobia.

These are the same crazed liberals who find the Holy Bible to be a repugnant work of fantasy by simplisticmad men, but who find great wisdom, love and hope on every page of the Koran.

To these anti-Christmas naysayers, I simply say, "Humbug!" There IS joy in the world.

Consider, please, these joyful events:

* The Iraq theater of thewar on terror is being won by America, despite the wishful thinking ofHarry Reid who prefers to believe that it is "lost."

* Hillary Clinton`s "inevitability" as the44th President of the United States is no more.

* Don Imus is back on the radio, while the not so reverentAl Sharpton is back under investigation by theFBI and IRS.

* After declaring herself the "most powerful woman in the world," Speaker Pelosi has been pummeled into submission by an 11 percentapproval rating. KeepingSpeaker Pelosi "declawed" is good for America!

* Oklahoma is winning the battle against freeloading illegal aliens and their advocates, mostly racist men and women in the clergy, and corrupt lawyers.

*Best of all: George W. Bush`s lease on theOval Office is set to expire in a little more than a month.

Joy to the World!