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Published:February 13th, 2009 11:13 EST
Is Paris Hilton To Blame For Epidemic Of Abandoned Chihuahuas?

Is Paris Hilton To Blame For Epidemic Of Abandoned Chihuahuas?

By Robert Paul Reyes


Paris Hilton has been blamed for an epidemic of abandoned Chihuahuas in California animal shelters, because she`s made toting around the pups in tiny handbags a major trend.

The hotel heiress was investigated last year after admitting she owned 17 dogs, allegedly breaking U.S. laws that ban non-breeders from having more than three per address.

I have written scores of articles ridiculing the brainless socialite, but I must come to Hilton`s defense this time.

You can blame the pop diva for many things: An STD epidemic in Los Angeles, the vagina-flashing craze in Hollywood, America`s fascination with pop culture nonentities, hordes of rampaging paparazzi, Britney Spears` descent into skankiness and madness, millions of articles pandering to prurient interests, the popularity of home sex videos, a sure in anorexia amongst young girls, the inexplicable success of Perez Hilton, the Western nations addiction to mindless consumerism, releasing records so horrible that you feel like jamming a long needle into your ear drums, and maybe even global warming.

But Paris is not responsible for a sharp rise of abandoned Chihuahuas in California animal shelters. Blame the bimbos who buy Chihuahuas only because they`ve seen Hilton tote the miniature dog wherever she goes.

It`s Ok if these twits copy Hilton`s no-panties look, and when they are tired of looking like tramps they don underwear again. But they shouldn`t treat a dog as a fashion accessory, and then abandon the poor creature when they grow tired of it.

This humble writer has Hilton`s back, I will not shy away from the unenviable task of defending the pampered princess.