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Published:February 25th, 2009 21:42 EST
Nicky Hilton Places Bum Under Citizen's Arrest

Nicky Hilton Places Bum Under Citizen's Arrest

By Robert Paul Reyes


"PARIS Hilton`s sister, Nicky Hilton, knows how to handle herself, as a homeless man found out the hard way when he pushed the hotel heiress to the ground yesterday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff`s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to that after being pushed to the ground by a homeless person at a West Hollywood International House of Pancakes at 5am on Saturday morning (local time), the heiress made a citizen`s arrest.",28383,25098728-5013560,00.html

If a hobo pushed Paris Hilton to the ground she would pause long enough for the paparazzi to take a pantyless pic of her, and then she would start crying like a baby.

But Nicky Hilton is no pushover, she placed the bum under citizen`s arrest. Don`t mess with Nicky, she has more street cred than your average rapper.

Nicky didn`t touch the homeless guy, I`m sure she didn`t want any homeless cooties on her haute couture outfit. She simply said, "I`m placing you under citizen`s arrest."

Paris Hilton may be a brainless twit, but I kinda like her sister. How can you not like a socialite who dines at the IHOP and places a homeless dude under arrest?