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Published:March 10th, 2009 14:51 EST
Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer, Soon To Be a House Hold Name

By Mimi Amaral

An up and coming actress that not only has youthful beauty on her side but conveys the wisdom of a well trained veteran; she knows she will have to work hard to accomplish the success that she desires.  Currently she is working with a multi-talented cast in the movie, The Poker Club.

Jana Kramer, article by: Mimi A.

Jana, fully embracing her character Trudy, accurately portrays her character`s inner pain through dishonest actions while never considering the consequences, "I think Trudy is a very lost girl, but mostly she just wants to be loved. " Jana`s character will intertwine fluidly between the deceptions, misperceptions and betrayal that are epitomized throughout this movie.  

The Poker Club is not the only avenue to view this talented actress`s work. Jana has another movie coming out in April, Spring Breakdown, where she plays opposite Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler. She has a recurring spot on 90210, "I am recurring right now on 90210 which can be seen on the CW Tuesdays. My characters name is Portia. "  And, she will appear on an episode of the Private Practice, "I also have an episode of `Private Practice` that I guest starred on that will be aired Thursday the 19th at 10pm. "

Even though this youthful actress has already accomplished many of her short term aspirations she still aspires to achieve many more, "I really just want to stay busy working on things that I believe in; I hope to be doing lots of films; It would be nice to have a TV series; and I would love to work with Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, and be directed by Clint Eastwood someday. "

But Jana`s talents do not stop at acting, she can also sing and she is not opposed to a future career in music. However, for now, her focus is on acting, "I love to sing and I love playing, It`s great therapy, but right now my main focus is acting. "

At the moment Jana is working on putting a web-site together so everyone can follow her career achievements, keep an eye out for it, but in the meantime this Detroit, Michigan born actress leaves us with one tip, "Go see a Detroit Red Wings game at the Joe Louis.  I`m a huge hockey girl but that`s because I come from hockey town. "