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Published:April 17th, 2009 11:18 EST
Dan Aykroyd A Believer In UFOs

Dan Aykroyd A Believer In UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes


"If providing the citizens of New Jersey with a new brand of vodka that comes packaged in a plastic skull wasn`t enough to get them seeing stars, Dan Aykroyd has given local extraterrestrial believers some additional fuel to their speculative fire. While making a promotional appearance in Morris Plains in support of his new Crystal Head vodka, Aykroyd was asked about the recent UFO hoax in the Garden State. He said that he was glad to see the story because, as he put it, `It draws attention to the real cases. I`ve seen two of them.`"

True believers are delighted that a celebrity has come out of the closet, and declared that he has seen UFO`s. But a has-been actor who is reduced to hawking vodka packaged in a plastic skull doesn`t exactly have a lot of credibility.

Only a UFO true believer would point to a UFO hoax as proof that there are real UFO`s out there. The Ghostbusters star must be drinking from that cheap plastic skull of vodka, how else can we account for his twisted logic?

I`ll buy Akroyd as a big screen ghostbuster, but I seriously doubt that he has seen any UFO`s when he wasn`t drunk or high.

Most of the UFO sightings are like the hoax that Akroyd alluded to: Two dudes attached flares to helium balloons and presto, instant UFO`s.

Friends and neighbors the giant Pillsbury Dough Boy from Ghostbusters will come to your house selling Avon, before you see a real UFO.