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Published:May 30th, 2009 00:50 EST
Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Gain Weight And Give Up Drugs For Movie Role

Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Gain Weight And Give Up Drugs For Movie Role

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lindsay Lohan has finally landed herself a movie role. But rather than hitting the gym to get in shape for the film, she`s going to have to chow down!

The producers of The Other Side aren`t taking any chances with Lindsay, and have ordered her to not only gain some weight, but undergo drug tests as well!

According to Star, Lindsay`s past behavior in her personal life and on movie sets have left the film execs no choice."

The Other Side is a comedy and not a horror flick, the producers don`t want Lohan looking like a crack-head skeleton, and scaring the BeJesus out of the young kids who will flock to this film.

Lohan should lose weight not only for her film role, but for her physical and mental well-being.

The pop diva can`t complain about the tough restrictions that also include a nightly curfew during filming. The pop tart`s history of arriving on the set late and blowing her lines gives the movie producers no choice but to show her some tough love.

Millions of bucks and careers are riding on the success or failure of "The Other Sdie", Lohan should be grateful the filmmakers took a chance on her. It`s in her best interests to drop the booze and drugs, and gain some weight.