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Published:June 7th, 2009 12:38 EST
Miami Beach Gives Celebrity Rooster Mr. Clucky 7 Days To Get Out Of Town

Miami Beach Gives Celebrity Rooster Mr. Clucky 7 Days To Get Out Of Town

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Miami Beach tolerates all kinds of eccentricity, but the south Florida playground of the rich and famous draws the line at a bicycle riding rooster named Mr. Clucky.

The white bird who perches on his owner`s bike has become a favorite subject of tourist photos. But he`s been ordered out of town for his cacophonous crowing every day at 6 a.m.

A code enforcement officer ticketed owner Mark Buckley on May 27 for keeping a farm animal. Buckley faces a $50 fine and an order to get rid of the famous fowl." The Associated Press

"Mr. Clucky has been featured on the Travel Channel with Sarah Brown, CBS National News, Today Show and made the cover of the Miami New Times, and is the top featured video on ZooToo News."

Mr. Clucky is not your run-of-the-mill rooster, he is a celebrity with legions of fans and his own Web site. In our society fame trumps achievement, wealth, and everything else, that makes Mr. Clucky superior to the bureaucrats who are trying to drive him out of town.

Mr. Clucky is to Miami Beach what the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco, if Mr. Clucky is kicked out of town this popular tourist destination will lose its soul.

I doubt if Mr. Clucky wakes anyone up at 6. a.m., Miami Beach is such a party town that folks are just getting home at that time.

Mr. Clucky is person non grata (chicken non grata?) because he is considered a farm animal? Farm animal? Pleeeaze! Mr. Clucky is a celeb, a party animal, a tourist favorite, he has nothing in common with his country cousins.

The city has given Mr. Clucky seven days to get out of Dodge. Time is running out -- I beseech every resident of Miami Beach as well as Mr. Clucky`s fans all over the world to lodge a protest.