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Published:July 11th, 2009 18:28 EST
Shame On Congress For Not Passing Resolution Honoring Michael Jackson

Shame On Congress For Not Passing Resolution Honoring Michael Jackson

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee won`t beat it. Not when it comes to honoring the late Michael Jackson.

The Texas Democrat issued a statement early this morning saying she will offer House Resolution 600 -- which honors Jackson for his humanitarian service -- despite her speaker`s wishes that she drop it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that such a resolution would be divisive and counterproductive. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has said he would fight to block the resolution because of the eccentric singer`s lifestyle."

The King of Pop`s music shattered the MTV color barrier, and his music healed the world. It doesn`t` matter if your`e black or white, we are one nation under a groove when Michael Jackson`s music is blaring from a boom box or a car radio.

Michael Jackson did more to unite this nation than all the spineless politicians in Washington. I hope Rep. Shelia Jackson won`t give up her crusade to honor the King of Pop until she achieves victory.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows that Jackson should be honored, but she`s too cowardly to press the issue. Of course the resolution would be divisive, it`s never easy to do the right thing. Not too long ago it was considered divisive and counterproductive to press for a National Holiday to honor Martin Luther King.

If Michael Jackson`s "Rock With You" was played in the august halls of Congress, every last one of those repressed congresspersons would be getting down like they were at da club.

Do the right thing! Honor the King of Pop!