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Published:July 18th, 2009 11:23 EST
LaToya Releases Single As Tribute To Michael Jackson

LaToya Releases Single As Tribute To Michael Jackson

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A song LaToya Jackson previously recorded to honor her family is now being re-released as a tribute to her brother Michael.

The song `Home` is being made available on iTunes on July 28 by Ja-Tail Records and Bungalo Records, which is distributed by Universal Music Group. A publicity image for the single shows an all-white clad Jackson, with her arm extended upward, with an image of Michael Jackson, also clad in white, to her right." NEKESA MUMBI MOODY/The Associated Press

The giants in the music industry like Madonna, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder have paid tribute to the King of Pop. Now it`s time for no-talent leeches like LaToya Jackson to pay musical tribute to the greatest entertainer in history.

LaToya has no discernable talent other than an ability to sniff a camera from a hundred yards away. The publicity poster for LaToya`s single includes a photograph of her famous brother. The only way that LaToya can sell any records is my exploiting the image of Michael Jackson.

LaToya can`t carry a tune, and her single is an insult to the memory of Michael Jackson. LaToya should pay tribute to Michael by avoiding the spotlight, and grieving for her brother in private.

In a paid interview with the UK tabloid "News of the World" LaToya said she believes her brother was murdered. "And we don`t think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people. I feel it was all about money."

People who cheat on their spouses think that everybody else also cheats, and greedy people think that that everyone shares their vice. LaToya suspects everyone of greed, she should take a look at the woman in the mirror.

For LaToya it`s all about money. She spreads unsubstantiated rumors about her brother for money, and she releases a piece of crap tribute single to Michael Jackson for money.

LaToya is basking in the attention she is getting because of the death of her superstar brother. The only way she will ever get this kind of attention again is if her vastly more talented sister Janet Jackson dies.