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Published:July 27th, 2009 13:00 EST
The King Of Pop's Hair To Be Turned Into Diamonds

The King Of Pop's Hair To Be Turned Into Diamonds

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A lock of Michael Jackson`s hair that was charred during a disastrous Pepsi commercial shoot is being turned into commemorative jewelery.

Those who seek a tasteful, restrained tribute to Michael Jackson may soon have an alternative - diamonds made from the singer`s charred hair. A company called LifeGem has announced plans to make jewelery from Jackson`s seared locks, recovered at the scene of a Pepsi commercial where the King of Pop`s head caught fire."

The King of Pop hasn`t even been buried yet, but already people are shamelessly profiting from his death. Chief among them is LaToya Jackson who was paid for an interview in which she claimed that her brother was murdered.

Vultures are literally selling Michael Jackson`s body parts. The King of Pop`s prosthetic nose is missing from the morgue, and I wouldn`t be surprised if it ends up in the hands of a wealthy MJ memorabilia collector.

When Jackson`s hair caught on fire that was the start of his long slide into drug addiction and madness. The singer was prescribed strong narcotics to deal with the pain, and he eventually became addicted to prescription drugs.

It is the height of irresponsibility and wickedness to make money from the event that destroyed Mich ael Jackson`s life.

The LifeGem executives and anybody who buys a diamond made from Jackson`s hair should burn in hell.