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Published:August 2nd, 2009 13:07 EST
Video! William Shatner Channels Sarah Palin

Video! William Shatner Channels Sarah Palin

By Robert Paul Reyes


William Shatner gained worldwide fame (noteriety), and became a pop icon for his role as Captain James T. Kirk. I love the original Star Trek series, but I`ll be the first to admit that Shatner portrayal of Captain Kirk was nausea inducing. At that time Shatner was the epitome of a hack actor.

But Shatner has grown by leaps and bounds as an actor, he`s won an Emmy for his role as "Denny Crane" on "The Practice, and a second Emmy for his work on Boston Legal.

In the 60`s Shatner was a joke as an actor, but now he`s a respected thespian and a well compensated pitchman for Priceline.Com.

Shatner is a pimp (that`s a compliment), and he is beloved by people of all ages. He isn`t afraid to tackle any role, and recently he took on the challenge of channeling Sarah Palin.

In her farewell speech Sarah Palin promised to keep in touch with her followers via Twitter. I have read Palin`s tweets, and they are disjointed, confusing and likely to induce a migraine headache or an epileptic seizure.

Only William Shatner the noted thespian and Poet Laureate could take Palin`s dreadful prose and spin it into golden poetry.

Listen to Shatner read Palin`s prose, and you to will be calling him a pimp.