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Published:August 18th, 2009 18:47 EST
Luke Ricci on "How to be a Serial Killer" --Coming Soon!

Luke Ricci on "How to be a Serial Killer" --Coming Soon!

By Denise Kaminsky

Today I am interviewing Director Luke Ricci on his recent film "How to be a Serial Killer".

Luke, I am glad to speak with you, please tell me something about yourself?

I had the good fortune of growing up all over the place: primarily Paris, Rome, Sydney, and Palo Alto, which is Northern California. My parents worked abroad a lot so I got to see some pretty cool places and experience the intricacies of different cultures over long periods of time. I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad and then the AFI Conservatory as I wanted to pursue a career in film and knew noone in the industry and thought film school would give me the best intro to how things work in Hollywood -- it didn`t, but I met a lot of wonderful people and those relationships were worth the investment of time and financial resources. I`m now in LA doing the Hollywood Shuffle like everyone else. Some of my personal interests are dogs, comic books, hiking, movies, NPR, all kinds of music, and reading literature.

What was your inspiration to become a director?

Until I wrote "How to be a Serial Killer", I never saw myself directing anything. I was mainly producing commercials and music videos at that point, but a friend of mine was able to find some financing and I literally fell into the opportunity. My interests really sit more in the realm of writing and producing, but I am developing one project that I`m very passionate about directing in the future. Directing a film was an incredible experience and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity. That being said, it took a very long time (2.5 years) and I don`t think I`ll direct another film unless I can get a significantly larger budget and it`d have to be a big step up from "How to be a Serial Killer". Something that would have a much better shot at a real theatrical release. There are a lot of people that get trapped into doing small films forever -- I don`t want to be one of those guys and I`d be perfectly happy never directing again if I can`t get the right project.

On your recent film "How to become a Serial Killer," which by the way I enjoyed very much when I saw the film at The NYC Horror Festival last year; what made you come up with the idea for the film?

It`s funny because I actually don`t remember. But I`m pretty sure that it must have come out of the self-help literature parody area first because in backtracking some logic, I vaguely remember asking myself "What would be the most preposterous book on self-help that could ever be engineered?" I`ve always been a big fan of The Anarchists Cookbook and have always wanted to do something about that book, but the rights situation is a little dicey, so the next step was creating an original self-help book which is how HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER was born. The title was influenced by Dale Carnegie`s "How To Win Friends and Influence People," one of the self-help classics. And the character of Mike Wilson was inspired by the absurdity of the Tony Robbins seminars. Thanks Tony Robbins!

Are there any other film festivals coming up that will show the film?

The Atlanta Underground Film Festival. It played previously at the NYC Horror Fest, The San Luis Obispo Film Fest, and The Drake International Film Fest.

Regarding future projects, are there any in the works?

Right now, I`m working with a fabulous writer, Bryan Spear, on a project called THE AN$WER about a new religion/social movement --I`m currently looking for the right producing team to come on board. Additionally, I`m writing TV spec scripts and original pilots as I feel my interests are more aligned with that side of the business at this time.

Is there a tentative release date for a DVD?

The DVD will be available October 13th. For more info please visit:

And now some comments from the actors.

Matthew Gray Gubler:

How did you feel about playing the role of Bart in the film?

Bart has so many wonderful qualities it was always a pleasure to step into his skin. He`s caring, trusting, childlike, naive and 100 percent sincere. It`s just too bad he happens to be a serial killer.

Do you have any quotes or comments about the film that you would like to add?

Working on "How to be a Serial Killer" was one of the best experiences I have ever had as an actor. Luke Ricci gave us great guidance but also all the freedom and encouragement in the world to improvise and truthfully create our characters. What I like most about the film is that if you look past the blood, gore, and madness what you find is a very well crafted "buddy film" (one where shooting your friend in the shoulder becomes the ultimate expression of love.)

Dameon Clarke:

How difficult was it for you to play the role of Mike Wilson in the film?

Playing Mike wasn`t difficult once we actually got down to the filming part it, it was the preparation that was a bit of work. It was very interesting to explore that world of socio/psychopaths. It took a little bit to get into that head space. But once I was there, I experienced an almost euphoric state. A place where I didn`t feel the restrictions and inhibitions I do in my normal routine. It was almost liberating in that sense. That`s not to say I found it liberating to kill people in the movie, but rather not being bound by traditional social boundaries.

Do you have any quotes about the film that you would like to add?

Ha! My favorite quotes are...."Serial Killers keep on keepin` on"

"When the winds of change blow their mighty gale, that`s when you must lean against their fury" and last but not least, my favorite

"You can`t be a serial killer if you`re going to be a doubting Thomas."

I would like to thank director Luke Ricci for the interview and actors Matthew Gray Gubler and Dameon Clarke for their added comments.

Be sure to look out the film and for more information on "How to be a Serial Killer" go to:
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