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Published:August 24th, 2009 14:26 EST
Will Madonna Visit Tiny Polish Village?

Will Madonna Visit Tiny Polish Village?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pop diva Madonna may have upset some Catholic Poles by timing her debut Polish concert to coincide with a big religious holiday on Saturday, but she is sure of a warm welcome if she visits the tiny village of Rumin.

In Rumin in central Poland, her fans plan to name a street after her and want to make her an honorary `citizen`. If she does visit, the young girls of the village also intend to perform dances for her in the freshly harvested fields."

Devout Catholics prayed that Madonna wouldn`t hold a concert on the same day as a big religious holiday, but their prayers fell on deaf ears. Neither the Almighty nor the Material Girl were inclined to listen to a bunch of religious nuts.

But the egocentric Madonna might be swayed by all the attention that her fans in Rumin are lavishing on her. I wouldn`t be surprised if Madge pays the tiny village a visit.

If Madonna does visit the quaint village, the young girls better dance like strippers or the sex-obsessed pop diva won`t be impressed.