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Published:September 12th, 2009 16:07 EST
Ellen DeGeneres Sued By Record Labels

Ellen DeGeneres Sued By Record Labels

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Ellen DeGeneres` love of music got her a great gig this week -- she`s the new judge on `American Idol` -- but it`s also causing some trouble for her daytime talk show. The Associated Press reports that several big record companies filed a lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Nashville that says producers of DeGeneres` show violated their copyrights.

A signature part of DeGeneres` show comes when she dances onstage and with the audience. The suit says the show`s DJ has used more than 1,000 songs without permission."

Everyone associated with American Idol, the judges, contestants, and fans, loves music. The hugely popular show has jump-started the careers of dozens of young singers.

The producers of American Idol have made a big blunder by hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a judge, the talk show host and comedian has no connection with the music business.

Ellen claims to love music, but her talk show has used more than 1,000 songs without permission. She is blatantly violating copyrights, and ripping off songwriters.

Ellen`s producers flippantly replied to the lawsuit by claiming that they didn`t look into licenses because they "don`t roll that way".

American Idol fans are outraged by the selection of Ellen DeGeneres as the replacement for Paula Abdul. Why did the producers of American Idol choose a klutz who can`t dance and disrespects the music industry as their new judge? Paula Abdul may have been kookier than a clown on crack, but she was loveable! Only fools who are desperately trying to be politically-correct would find Ellen DeGeneres loveable.

American Idol fans won`t put up with this abomination, we simply don`t roll that way. We will boycott American Idol until Ellen DeGeneres is kicked to the curb.