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Published:September 12th, 2009 21:59 EST
Mayor Bloomberg A Big Fan Of Lady Gaga

Mayor Bloomberg A Big Fan Of Lady Gaga

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When it comes to pop culture,Mayor Bloomberg knows his stuff.

While in Times Square launch a public service drive called `I Participate,` the mayor told MTV that he`s betting on Lady Gaga to take home the most trophies at the upcoming Video Music Awards.

`I`m betting on you!` he joked with MTV`s reporter before getting serious. `I think you and Lady Gaga - the big stars. [She`s] an NYU graduate.`"

Actually Bloomie doesn`t know his stuff, Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU. Bloomberg wouldn`t know Lady Gaga from a drag queen. Bad example Lady Gaga may be the most famous drag queen in the world.

Bloomberg was probably coached by his handlers to mention Lady Gaga to the MTV reporter. I would be shocked if Bloomberg has heard any of Lady Gaga`s songs.

If the mayor of New York was aware of the rumors that Lady Gaga is a man, he might have avoiding mentioning her.

Bloomberg should play it safe the next time, and stick to his forte: Politics and Business