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Published:October 2nd, 2009 18:32 EST
David Letterman: Creep Of The Century

David Letterman: Creep Of The Century

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Last night in reporting the news of David Letterman`s on-air confession of having sexual relationships with women who worked for him, I commented about about the awkward form of presentation that he chose and the confusion in which it clearly left audience members. Some laughed almost to to the end of his long and inappropriately jokey explanation of how an extortion attempt of $2 million had been made in connection with his workplace relationships." Read More

Jay Leno`s heart is as big as his chin, and he is the exemplar of middle class values. I have never felt cheap or dirty after listening to one of Leno`s monologues, he elicits honest laughs.

David Letterman`s show, on the other hand, leaves me feeling like I should brush my teeth or wash my face. His ironic detachment and creepy demeanor are an acquired taste, and it`s a mystery how he achieved mainstream success.

Letterman`s on-air confession of having sexual relationships with women who worked for him was creepy to the max. When a man confesses to having sex with his subordinates, he should be serious and contrite. Letterman`s creepy confession seemed to be a joke at first, it took a while for the audience to realize that he was serious.

If Letterman is a womanizer it`s none of our business, but when he sleeps with women who work for him that`s very poor judgement at the very least, and sexual harassment at the worst. Letterman considers sleeping with his female subordinates as one of the perks of being a late night talk show host.

Letterman repeatedly used the word "creepy" to describe his behavior, and that`s the perfect word! David Letterman is a creep, and anyone who respects women should stop watching his show.