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Published:October 15th, 2009 18:13 EST
'Memba The Ice Cream Truck? Say Hello To The Pot Bus!

'Memba The Ice Cream Truck? Say Hello To The Pot Bus!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The driver of a fake school bus was able to evade arrest after a state trooper discovered more than $1 million worth of marijuana inside the bus, Department of Public Safety officials said.

The driver of the bus fled on foot from the scene, but DPS investigators are pursuing several leads in connection to the drug bust, according to the statement." Read More

I can`t imagine a more horrible fate than being a school bus driver, if I were employed as a school bus driver I would quickly go to pot.

I can`t imagine a more wonderful adventure than driving a bus loaded down with marijuana, that would truly be a magical mystery tour.

In a perfect world a dude driving a marijuana bus would be considered a scholar and a gentleman, and not a lawbreaker. To hell with the ice cream truck, when is the pot bus coming to my neighborhood?

The driver escaped from the cops; I hope he was able to stash a couple of joints in his pockets.