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Published:October 18th, 2009 15:52 EST
Madonna Takes Ice Baths To Stay Young

Madonna Takes Ice Baths To Stay Young

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`Queen of Pop` Madonna has finally admitted that age has caught up with her as she needs ice baths and special therapy to soothe her body after every concert.

The 51-year-old superstar says that years of abuse caught up with her and now she now has to take extra care to make sure she`s in tip-top form onstage, reported Rolling Stone magazine".


With strenous daily workouts and tons of botox Madonna is fighting a losing battle against old age. In a desperate attempt to appear hip and cool she dates men young enough to be her grandsons, but now Madge is finally admitting that her old creaky body is breaking down.

The only way that the old cougar can recuperate after her energetic concerts is by taking an ice bath, and hiring a team of physical therapist to knead her wrinkled flesh.

In a couple of years Madonna will have to resort to cryogenics in her pathetic bid to look young.