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Published:October 19th, 2009 16:15 EST
Queen Of Pop Madonna Suicidal After Her Divorce

Queen Of Pop Madonna Suicidal After Her Divorce

By Robert Paul Reyes


"MADONNA was so distraught after her divorce she considered suicide.

The queen of pop has admitted that after splitting with film director hubby Guy Ritchie last year she hit a real low.

And it was only her career, and her Sticky and Sweet world tour, that brought her back from the brink.

`It was certainly a challenging year,` she admitted. `I may have thrown myself off a building.`" Read more

I draw a distinction between Madonna the performer and Madonna the person.

Madonna the performer is an icon, she has earned her title "Queen of Pop." I never grow tired of listening to Madge`s music, especially her output from the 1980s. Madonna is a master of marketing, but she has a genuine and high quality product to market: Her superb CD`s. Madonna the performer is worthy of respect and admiration.

Madonna the person is another stoy, she`s a self-obsessed and petty prima donna. Madge has not aged gracefully, she dresses two decades younger than her age and she dates a boy young enough to be her grandson. Only Madonna`s most crazed fans respect Madonna the person.

Because I treasure Madonna the performer so much, I wish Madonna the person nothing but the best. I`m glad that Madonna is no longer entertaining suicidal thoughts, because she`s too busy entertaining her fans.