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Published:October 20th, 2009 19:46 EST
Elisabeth Hasselbeck: What A View!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: What A View!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Back on the show she (Elisabeth Hasselbeck) revealed to the other ladies that she had gotten so caught up in taking photos of baby Isaiah on her iPhone, that she snapped a picture of her nipple while holding him. Hasselbeck had only realized it after she texted the photo to several family members, giving them an eyeful." Read More

Celebrity skanks Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have nipple slips more often than Oprah Winfrey gobbles an entire box of chocolates.

But I was surprised that born again Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a nipple slip of her own. Hasslebeck gave her friends and family members a real view when she sent them a digital pic of her exposed breast. She was so thrilled holding her infant that she didn`t realize that her boob was hanging out.

Hasselbeck`s wardrobe malfunction was of the innocent variety, and she is still America`s sweetheart. Hasselbeck is a real hottie, I wish she had published her pic on Twitter.