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Published:October 22nd, 2009 15:17 EST
Adam Lambert: I'm Gay, But I Like Kissing Women

Adam Lambert: I'm Gay, But I Like Kissing Women

By Robert Paul Reyes



Gay fans of Adam Lambert are in for a shock, said The American Idol star, who came out as gay earlier this year, is pictured in this month`s Details magazine cavorting with a naked female model. `Things have never looked straighter` for the Lambert, which is `bizarre` for a `gay man featured in a gay magazine.` The `much buzzed-about spread` will no doubt provoke some `gay shrieks,` but it`s all good publicity for Lambert`s new album-`this is how you get people talking!`" Read More

Adam Lambert`s gay fans shouldn`t get their panties in a twist, their idol is 100 percent gay. (Just a figure of speech, I love my gay readership, please no emails.)

If Adam Lambert did a photo spread with a harem of naked female models, nobody would be fooled into thinking that he was straight or bisexual.

Lambert is simply being playful, and stirring up a bit of controversy to give his new album a boost. An entertainer tries to fulfill the fantasies of his fans, and Lambert`s Details magazine photos are a gift to his female fans.

Adam`s fans don`t care if he is homosexual, bisexual, straight or asexual, they will always love him as a person and as a performer.

I`ll pass on buying the issue of Details magazine featuring Lambert, but I`m going to purchase his new album.

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