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Published:October 26th, 2009 15:47 EST
Paris Hilton: I'm Down To Earth And Smart

Paris Hilton: I'm Down To Earth And Smart

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paris Hilton may sound stupid; she may only be well-known because she once made a sex tape; and she may have nothing positive to offer society.

But the hotel heiress would like to make one thing she clear: she`s totally normal!

`In real life I`m completely different, I`m very down to earth, I`m smart, I know what`s going on,` she told a British TV station last week"

I`m sure Ernest Hemingway never said "I`m a great writer", and Robert DeNiro never exclaimed "I`m a great actor." A gifted individual has no need for braggadocio, his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Paris Hilton`s only accomplishment is her homemade sex tape, and that`s nothing to write home about. In lieu of any successes, Hilton often brags to reporters. Paris Hilton isn`t down to Earth, she isn`t smart, and she doesn`t have a clue.

If Paris Hilton were smart she should shut up, and stop doing interviews. The only thing she is accomplishing is showing of her vanity and stupidity.


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