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Published:November 3rd, 2009 15:31 EST
Lady Gaga And Madonna Will Never Collaborate

Lady Gaga And Madonna Will Never Collaborate

By Robert Paul Reyes

"COULD Lady GaGa be about to team up with Madonna?

The Poker Face hitmaker says she struck up a friendship with the Holiday singer and her teen daughter Lourdes - and is hoping to work with the Queen of Pop in the near future." Read More
The Pantless Wonder exclaimed with a straight poker face that she would like to collab with the Material Girl, but will we ever see such a historic pairing?

Lady Gaga and Madonna garner a lot of press by dropping hints that they may perform together, but don`t count on it.

Madge is loathe to share the stage with another superstar, she`s very rarely sung a duet or appeared on the same stage with another artist. Madonna prefers to be on the stage surrounded by subordinates and sycophants. Madonna only feels comfortable when the spotlight is one her, and she kindly allows the background singers and dancer to bask in her glory.

What does Lady Gaga have to gain by being on the same stage as Madonna? It`s not like Lady Gaga going to broaden her fan base by collaborating with Madonna, they both sure the same fan base: Gay men who worship self-obsessed divas.

Madonna doesn`t want to pass the mantel of Queen of Pop to Lady Gaga, she`s grooming her daughter to take her place. On several stops during Madonna`s recent concert tour, her daughter briefly joined her on stage. The next time the Queen of Pop hits the road, don`t be surprised if Madonna duets with Lourdes.

Madonna and Lady Gaga sharing the Fame? It ain`t gonna happen!