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Published:November 4th, 2009 14:40 EST
Lady Gaga Kills Photographer With Her Ridiculous Outfit

Lady Gaga Kills Photographer With Her Ridiculous Outfit

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Last night, AJ Sokalner, one of the bigger names in celebrity photography (in the not-quite-paparazzi not-quite-Richard Avendon sort of way) died mere minutes after shooting Lady Gaga arriving at the ACES award." Read More

Lady Gaga`s claim to fame is her outrageous wardrobe, and the fact that she attended high school with fellow flake Paris Hilton. She`s also croons songs that are a great backdrop for doing unpleasant tasks like taking out the garbage or fixing a toilet.

 If Lady Gaga hit the stage wearing diapers, stiletto heels, and a dunce hat, music critics and fashion designers would marvel at her ingenuity. Lady Gaga may have fooled the artsy fartsy crowd, but regular folks know that she`s just a ridiculous looking bimbo.

Photographers who cover Lady Gaga should be paid combat pay, the controversial artist`s outfits are nausea-inducing. It`s no surprise that a famous photographer died minutes after shooting Lady Gaga.

Take a gander at what Lady Gaga was wearing on that fateful night, it`s enough to give anyone a heart attack.

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