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Published:November 5th, 2009 15:48 EST
Top Ten Captions For Photo Of Madonna Yawning

Top Ten Captions For Photo Of Madonna Yawning

By Robert Paul Reyes

LOS ANGELES (KABC) invited their readers to write a caption for this photograph of Madonna yawning during a breaking ground ceremony for her school in Malawi.

Here are my top ten captions:

*Maybe I should be covering my veiny hands instead.

*This is almost as boring as trying to teach my toy boy how to read.

* Dear God! Every time I yawn my plastic face stays frozen for a few seconds, I hope nobody notices!

*Every time I try to pull a rabbit out of my hat, that damn bunny gets scared when he sees my botox face and he won`t come out!

*These is all about me, and the school I`m building! These damn bureaucrats should be mentioning me every few seconds.

*Whenever Lady Gaga wears a crazy hat she gets tons of ink. I wear a stupid white hat, and nobody says a word.

*Jesus, Please don`t let my dentures fall out. The last time I yawned my dentures flew out. No, that was the last time I french kissed my boyfriend.

*If I had a mirror I could stop myself from yawning. I never yawn when I`m admiring myself.

*That`s weird the older I get, the more I yawn. In a couple of years I`m going to be walking around with my mouth open all the time.

*I`m not going to let the photographers snap a pic of me with my mouth open, I`ll look like that skank Lindsay Lohan.

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