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Published:November 11th, 2009 18:45 EST

God Help Us! Rick Astley Infecting iPhones!

By Robert Paul Reyes

There probably isn`t an Internet user in the world who hasn`t been Rickrolled. For those of you who have lived in Siberia for the last couple of years, the Rickroll phenomenon is when someone tricks you into clicking a video of Rick Astley`s song "Never gonna give you up."

There are some of us who love "Never Gonna give you up", and we don`t have to be tricked into watching that pop masterpiece.

Rick Astley has conquered the Internet, and now he is making inroads in the realm of cell phones.

"The first worm to infect the Apple iPhone has been discovered spreading `in the wild` in Australia.

The self-propagating program changes the phone`s wallpaper to a picture of 80s singer Rick Astley with the message `ikee is never going to give you up`.

The worm, known as ikee, only affects `jail-broken` phones, where a user has removed Apple`s protection mechanisms to allow the phone to run any software.

[ BBC ]

There are many Rick Astley fans who are praying that their iPhone will be infected with the Rick Astley worm.