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Published:November 13th, 2009 15:29 EST
Top Ten Career Options For Carrie Prejean

Top Ten Career Options For Carrie Prejean

By Robert Paul Reyes

Now that Carrie Prejean has been exposed as a hypocrite with fake boob and fake morals, she doesn`t have much of a future as an inspirational speaker in the evangelical circuit.

What can the vapid vixen do with the rest of her life? Here are my top ten suggestions:

*Advocate For Masturbation

Prejean can urge young people to have solo sex instead of engaging in sexual intercourse.

*Reality TV star.

Reality TV is a haven for has-been celebs, and disgraced entertainers. Prejean`s reality show may have to find a home on HBO or Showtime, considering that the beauty queen has a penchant for pleasuring herself.

*Infomercial Pitchman

Now that coke head Billy Mays is dead, the ranks of pitchmen is sorely in need of another person of dubious virtue to take his place.

*P*rn Star

Carrie Does Cleveland?

*Receptionist For Plastic Surgeon

Prejean wouldn`t have to learn how to type or answer the phone. All Prejean has to do is wear relevealing tops to advertise her employer`s product.


Prejean can bring in the bucks by hawking prayer cloths and solo sex tapes.

*Girls Gone Wild Star

Prejean can always claim that the tapes were filmed when she was only 17.

*Spokesperson For Purell

"Ladies, no matter where your fingers have been (giggle giggle) Purell gets them clean!"

After all the Bible doesn`t say a Christian can`t be an exotic dancer.

*A Crash Test Dummy