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Published:November 18th, 2009 16:08 EST

Sarah Palin Carrie Prejean Ticket In 2012?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Carrie Prejean has the ability to draw crowds and if she has a strong message to go with that, who knows what she can do? She has star power which can open doors.

We`ve all made mistakes when we were 17. The sex tape is going to be an impediment, but people are excited about her convictions and her beliefs." Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)

In the evangelical world hatred of homosexuals covers a multitude of sins, as long as a Christian advocates discrimination against gays and lesbians he will be forgiven for any transgression.

Tammy Sue, did you hear that our pastor was caught smoking weed and doing meth in a brothel with two underage hookers? Yes, but let`s forgive our dear brother, after all he is staunch opponent of same-sex marriage!

Not to point too fine a point on it, but Jason Chaffetz is a friggin` idiot. Let`s parse the statement of this Republican chowderhead:

"Carrie Prejean has the ability to draw crowds"

She certainly does, and so does the bearded lady at the sideshow. Carrie draws crowds because she`s gained notoriety by posing naked, and filming herself masturbating.

"Carrie Prejean has a strong message"

Yes, but is it the right message? Hitler had a strong message, and it nearly destroyed civilization. We can do without Carrie`s shrill and venomous homophobic voice.

"Carrie Prejean has the star power to open doors."

There are many doors in the adult entertainment business that are opening for the beauty queen.

"We`ve all made mistakes when we were 17"

By all accounts Carrie was 20 when she made a series of adult videos.

"People are excited about her convictions and beliefs"

What convictions??? Prejean writes in her book that her body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and she frequently quotes the Bible. Yet Prejean poses completely naked, participates in beauty pageants that exploit and objectify women, and made a series of adult videos. Obviously Carrie Prejean`s convictions aren`t worth a hill of beans.

Let`s get real; people are excited about Carrie`s solo adult videos. People aren`t googling "Carrie Prejean Christian beliefs", they are googling "Carrie Prejean adult video.

The Republican Party is so morally and intellectually bankrupt that I wouldn`t be surprised if we see a Prejean/Palin ticket in 2012.

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