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Published:November 30th, 2009 11:31 EST
The Real Tiger Woods Is A Jerk

The Real Tiger Woods Is A Jerk

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tiger Woods is the world`s wealthiest, and most recognizable celebrity in the world. Tiger is adored by the galleries on golf courses, and he`s much sought after as a product endorser.

We know all about Tiger`s prowess on the golf course, but until now we knew next to nothing about his personal life. Tiger almost never speaks out against racism, homophobia or any other injustice. Tiger protects his brand as fiercely as he protects his lead in a major championship. Tiger cares more about protecting his income, than he does about using his platform to do some good in the world.

Tiger is a non-threatening African American that even rednecks can root for, thank goodness we still have Obama and Oprah.

The real Tiger Woods is nothing at all like his picture-perfect image. The real Tiger smashes his luxury SUV trying to escape from his jealous wife, and then acts like a petulant king who doesn`t have to explain anything to the police, public or the press.

Tiger and his team of handlers would like us to believe that his weird accident is a privacy issue. Hogwash! When a superstar crashes in front of his own home at an ungodly hour, it`s front page news all over the world. For the sake of his fans and his sponsors, who have made him a billionaire, Tiger needs to give his side of the story.

Tiger has ruined more than his Cadillac Escalade, he has destroyed his image as a squeaky clean hero. I will still watch Tiger when he is in contention for a major tournament, but I sure as hell ain`t gonna buy any product he endorses.

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