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Published:December 1st, 2009 20:26 EST
Ask Jeeves Burning Question: Is Lady Gaga A Man?

Ask Jeeves Burning Question: Is Lady Gaga A Man?

By Robert Paul Reyes

What were the most asked questions of 2009? Were Web surfers asking questions about politics or religion? Was the Ask Jeeves search engine busy answering queries like these: Is the recession ending soon? Will Obama`s foreign policy succeed? Will the GOP make a comeback in 2010? Yeah, Right!

Our obsession with pop culture was reflected in the list of the most asked questions of 2009. We don`t care about geopolitics or climate change, we want to know what`s up with our favorite celebrities.

Jeeves doesn`t need to have an encyclopedia to respond to the millions of queries, but he does need the latest editions of all the tabloids and entertainment magazines.

"Is Lady GaGa a man?` and `Is Michael Jackson dead?` are among the `Most Asked Questions Of 2009`, according to a top Internet search engine.

Ask Jeeves has released a list of the most commonly asked questions it received in 2009, with the obsession over Lady Gaga`s gender the third most asked."

Is Lady Gaga a man? The jury is still out, and even Jeeves doesn`t know the answer. This question will only be answered if Lady Gaga has a pay-per-view event in which she strips completely naked.