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Published:December 17th, 2009 17:42 EST
Steroids-Tainted MD Treated Madonna And Tiger Woods

Steroids-Tainted MD Treated Madonna And Tiger Woods

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods` doctor Dr. Tony Galea had treated Madonna as well, according to sources. The singer is said to have needed Galea`s care after falling off her horse in the Hamptons last April.

The Toronto sports medicine specialist, who was arrested in October after an underling was nabbed at the border with a bag containing human growth hormone, which is banned by most sports leagues, reportedly treated Woods after his knee surgery last year."

I didn`t expect to see Madonna and Tiger Woods linked in an article, the pop diva is about 35 years older than the skanks that the disgraced golfer fancies.

Madonna isn`t a scumbag like Tiger Woods, but she is a ruthless diva, and I`m not surprised that they were both treated by an unethical physician with a reputation for providing human growth hormones and steroids to athletes.

Madonna`s grotesque veiny physique is an indication of steroids use; the Material Girl needs to learn to age gracefully.

How the mighty have fallen! The voluptuous Madonna of the 80`s is now a shriveled old woman trying desperately to appear young, and the respected Tiger Woods of the last ten years is now the most ridiculed celebrity in the blogosphere.

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