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Published:December 23rd, 2009 18:21 EST
Amy Winehouse Verbally Abuses 13-Year-Old Goddaughter

Amy Winehouse Verbally Abuses 13-Year-Old Goddaughter

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse has lashed out at her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield following the teen`s criticism of her recent reunion with ex-hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. Bromfield, who was upset with the duo`s patch up, had slammed their reconciliation on her Facebook page.

However, Winehouse has now retorted by telling the 13-year-old to mind her own business. `Dionne, adult relationships are adult relationships. And what are you doin (sic) up so late anyway? Too big for your boots.` the Daily Star quoted the singer, as writing on Facebook." Read More

Amy Winehouse has been arrested for slapping a man on the face, kicking a theatre manager in the groin, and for assaulting her ex-husband. That`s just trainwreck Amy Winehouse being trainwreck Amy Winehouse, but publicly berating a 13-year-old child is beyond the pale.

Dionne Bromfield is Amy Winehouse`s talented protege, the troubled singer has invested time and money promoting the child`s career. For Amy to now turn against the poor kid is unforgiveable!

Dionne is giving the crackhead Winehouse excellent advice, the last thing the troubled singer needs to do is get back together with her druggie ex-hubby.

I beg my readers don`t buy any Amy Winehouse records, she`s a monster who should be shunned by the public.

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