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Published:January 1st, 2010 19:00 EST
Would Cuba Gooding Jr. Make A Good Tiger Woods?

Would Cuba Gooding Jr. Make A Good Tiger Woods?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods` womanising has seen the golfer fall from grace in the public eye, but now his antics could be made into a film.

Hollywood producers are keen to tell the story of the married father-of-two, who has been linked to 14 different women in the past two months, in a made-for-TV movie.

Jerry Maguire star, Oscar-winning Cuba Gooding Jr, 41, is said to be one of those being lined-up to play the golfer." Read More
A porn movie about Tiger Woods, tentatively titled "Tiger`s Wood" is already in production. It will star a Tiger lookalike and a cast of a gazillion white bimbos.

But Hollywood is also interested in making a movie about the Tiger Woods scandal, and Cuba Gooding Jr, is one of the actors being considered for the starring role.

The tagline for "Jerry Maguire" was "Show me the money!", the tagline for the Tiger Woods move should be "Where da blond bimbos be at?"

Cuba played a mentally challenged individual in the move "Radio", he would be an excellent choice to play the clueless Tiger who destroyed his family and his career for a few romps in the hay with a bunch of bimbos.

But Tiger, who seems to be ashamed of his own race, would probably prefer a white actor to portray him. In that case the crazy Tom Cruise would make a terrific Tiger Woods.

Americans have a short attention span, Hollywood better get with the program and start filming the Tiger Woods movie while the disgraced golfer is still a hot subject.

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