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Published:January 2nd, 2010 16:32 EST
Cops: No Evidence Tiger Woods A Victim Of Domestic Violence

Cops: No Evidence Tiger Woods A Victim Of Domestic Violence

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods had to lift his shirt and show off his chest, back and arms to Florida State Troopers during meeting with the cops several days after crashing his SUV.

The fascinating detail had never before been revealed, and has now been broken by WESH, NBC station in Orlando, reports RadarOnline."

The cops examined Tiger`s body to see if he was a victim of domestic violence. There are Internet rumors that the disgraced golfer`s enraged wife battered him with a golf club. The police didn`t find any injuries consistent with domestic abuse.

Law enforcement authorities had a right to examine Tiger`s body for evidence of domestic violence. Now health experts should examine Tiger`s private parts for evidence of STD`s. Tiger has had unprotected sex with countless porn stars, party girls, and cocktail waitresses, and he`s a health threat to the nation.

When the health practitioners are done with Tiger, they should hand him off to the PGA so they can test him for steroids. Tiger was a patient of a doctor who was recently arrested on steroids-related charges. If Tiger Woods was so cavalier about cheating on his wife, then certainly he would have no compunctions about cheating on the golf tour.

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