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Published:January 4th, 2010 14:37 EST
Where The Hell Is Tiger Woods?

Where The Hell Is Tiger Woods?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tiger Woods will go down in history as a sniveling coward, he has been in seclusion since he was revealed to the world as a fraud of epic proportions.

Is Tiger in rehab in Arizona, partying in his yacht, or home at his mansion in Florida eating cereal and watching cartoons? Tiger has been spotted all over the world, unfortunately these sightings are as reliable as accounts of Elvis Presley munching on a Big Whopper at Burger King.

According to TMZ the disgraced golfer is at his friend`s estate in Africa. Yeah, right! Tiger Woods is ashamed of his African American heritage, and the last place he would seek refuge is in Africa.

So where is the disgraced golfer hiding out? Email me your guesses?

At a miniature gold course playing with a porn star?

Playboy Mansion?

Las Vegas?


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