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Published:January 15th, 2010 14:12 EST
Video: American Idol Breakout Star Larry Platt! Pants On The Ground

Video: American Idol Breakout Star Larry Platt! Pants On The Ground

By Robert Paul Reyes


"General Larry Platt may not have gotten a golden ticket to Hollywood this week on American Idol, but his "Pants on the Ground" audition video has certainly launched him into celebrity status on the Internet. Platt`s catchy original song and amusing performance has already spawned several "Pants on the Ground" remix tributes." Read More

Every American Idol season yields a quirky personality who doesn`t have the talent or good looks to hope for a career in show business, but who nevertheless manages to shine brightly for fifteen minutes. Can you say William Hung?

At 62-years-old, Larry Platt, this season`s unlikely star, is way too old to be eligible to participate in the talent contest. As a lark the producers of the hit Fox show let him audition, and he`s become an instant Internet celebrity.

Platt isn`t just some goofball who got a lucky break, he`s a veteran civil rights activist. Platt claims he marched with Martin Luther King, and he`s still involved in local politics.

Today Platt is protesting against urban youth who wear their pants halfway down their butts. Platt has some commonsense advice for the hip hop generation: Get your pants off the ground!

Platt has the whole world singing: Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground!

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