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Published:January 18th, 2010 17:59 EST

Amy Winehouse Looks Like A Crazy Martian With Her Fake Tan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Back to Black singer Amy Winehouse endured yet another embarrassing fall from grace last night.

The 26-year-old ended up in a heap outside a hotel doorway after taking a tumble while chatting on her mobile phone.

A security guard quickly jumped in to help save the star after she lost her balance but she ended up on her hands and knees despite his best efforts."

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It takes a modicum of coordination and agility to chat on a cell phone and walk at the same time. Most of us can use our mobile phone without walking into a light pole.

But this simple task is too much for the drug-addled Amy Winehouse, the paparazzi captured the troubled singer after she lost her balance and fell while chatting on her cell phone.

It`s scary to witness what drugs and alcohol can do to a person`s coordination, but it`s even scarier to see what fake tan can do to a person`s face.

Dear Lord, look if you dare at this pic of what Amy looked like when she fell!

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