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Published:January 22nd, 2010 12:34 EST
No Payoff For Tiger Woods When AT&T Dumped Him

No Payoff For Tiger Woods When AT&T Dumped Him

By Robert Paul Reyes


"When AT&T dropped Tiger Woods as its spokesman on New Year`s Eve, it did not pay him any of the millions of dollars it owed him, a company official confirmed. Nor did AT&T have to go to court to sever its ties to Woods." RICHARD SANDOMIR/The New York Times

Conan O`Brien is a valuable commodity, and he will eventually sign a lucrative deal with another network. NBC gave O`Brien a very generous severance settlement because they are appreciative of all that he had done for their network.

Tiger Woods is damaged goods and AT&T correctly calculated that they could get away with kicking the scandal-plagued golfer to the curb. AT&T didn`t give Tiger a dime when they cut him loose, he didn`t even get free cell phone service.

Elin Nordegren should follow AT&T`s lead and kick her worthless husband to the curb. It would be the morally and financially right thing to do, a divorce from her husband would net her about $300 million.

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