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Published:January 23rd, 2010 22:00 EST
Lindsay Lohan: Paid Escort

Lindsay Lohan: Paid Escort

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan has been hired by an eccentric Austrian millionaire to be his date at the opera. Girl`s gotta make a buck somehow, eh?

Richard Lugner, a shopping mall owner, invites a different famous girl to accompany him each year in his private box at the Vienna Opera Ball."

Lindsay Lohan doesn`t get many calls from movie producers, record companies or corporations seeking a celeb spokesperson. Lilo has got to find a way to pay for her Red Bull habit, trashy outfits and party girl lifestyle. To the rescue comes decrepit gazilionaire Richard Luger who paid Lohan a small fortune to be his date at the opera.

Lilo has probably never been to the opera in her life, but for the right price the ditzy celeb will attend a lecture on string theory. One night at the opera with a filthy rich old man equals a hundred nights of debauchery.

Lohan is desperate to make a buck, I wouldn`t be surprised if she dumps Samantha Ronson and marries the old goat. The marriage wouldn`t last very long, one night with the freak-a-leak celeb and the old geezer`s heart will give out.

I hope Lohan enjoys her date with Lugner, now she can add "escort" to her sterling resume.

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