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Published:January 26th, 2010 13:28 EST
Is Ke$ha A Bimbo Like Paris Hilton?

Is Ke$ha A Bimbo Like Paris Hilton?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ke$ha recently confirmed that she vomited in Paris Hilton`s closet - because she thought it was her bathroom -and also denied that the two had a physical fight in an interview with Us Weekly.

`We are not friends,` she said. `We`ve just been connected on one too many places and levels. I don`t have anything against her. I think she`s really nice, but we`re just very different.`

I`ve written countless articles about the shenanigans of the bimbo triplets: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. In Ke$ha ( Kesha Rose Sebert) I smell fresh meat, this newcomer has the potential to be a full-fledged bimbo trainwreck.

Sebert`s stylized moniker (Ke$ha) reveals her shallowness, lameness, superficiality, and obsession with money. I`m going to have fun making fun of this clueless celeb.

Ke$ha appeared on an episode of Hilton`s "The Simple Life, back in 2005. Only a brainless twit would appear on a reality show, nevermind one that stars Paris Hilton.

Only an alcoholic or druggie hot mess would confuse a closet with a bathroom.

Welcome to the big time Ke$ha, and be prepared for the Britney Spears treatment.

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