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Published:February 3rd, 2010 14:58 EST
amy winehouse

Painting Depicts Amy Winehouse Vacuuming! How Real Is That?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse`s manager has bought her a painting - which depicts her as a housewife.

The troubled singer was delighted when her manager Raye Cosbert presented her with the Gerald Laing work, which depicts her vacuuming a living room carpet and quickly hung it in her London home for all her pals to see." Read More

amy winehouse cutie pie

I`m a whiz at Microsoft Paint, and if I created a pic of Amy Winehouse, I would depict the crazy chanteuse smoking crack, guzzling beer, spitting on a fan, screaming at a photographer, rolling a joint, dancing on top of a table, vomiting in the gutter, swallowing pills, tweeting nonsense, watching a porn flick, smoking a cigarette, or flashing her fake boobs.

But I would never consider painting her vacuuming, not even if I was smoking the biggest joint that Snoop Dogg has ever seen. I guess I`m just not a fan of surreal art.

I can imagine Amy and her druggie pals staring at her painting and exclaiming: Wow that`s bloody trippy! Amy, I didn`t even know you owned a vacuum cleaner! Amy, do you still have that vacuum cleaner? Maybe we can make a bong out of it!

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