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Published:February 6th, 2010 18:21 EST
brad milne

Brad Milne -- "On the Edge"

By SOP newswire2

Feb. 6th 8:30 pm: The OT Emerging Artist Spotlight
Brad Milne -- "On the Edge"

The Overtime Theater presents the OT Emerging Artist Spotlight, a new, bimonthly showcase that focuses on the work of local performing artists who are starting to attract regional and national attention.

brad milne on the edge

For our first OTEAS showcase, the Overtime presents Brad Milne, an actor who formerly lived in San Antonio but moved to L.A. a few years ago.  Milne is back in San Antonio for a few months, and the OT is giving those who remember his stellar theatre work here (The Hairy Ape, The Laramie Project, Angels in America, Dark Horse Pale Rider) the chance to see Milne in action once again in his showcase, On the Edge. "

The show begins at 8:30 pm and will feature some film clips from Brad`s L.A. work and three live scenes created and written by Milne, Roy Eisenstein, Andrew Giannetta, and Michael Schuman.  The scenes focus on awkward, offbeat characters " such as Izzy Legit, a Hollywood scam artist/producer, Milne said.  Other local actors, including Rob Barron,  James Hartz, Aisha Minor and Liz Vermeulen, will join Milne onstage for these scenes. Live drums and sound effects will be provided by David and Cameron Montalvo.

On the Edge " combines elements of three comedic storylines presented as short plays. The first piece, Izzy Legit: Putz to Player, introduces Izzy, an up-and-coming Hollywood producer who`s going to teach the world just how simple show biz can be. Up second is Camus, a one-act adapted from a feature length screenplay. This story follows the journey of a man whose life has been wrecked and is now on a mission to scatter his deceased dog`s ashes in Death Valley.  On The Edge " closes with It`s Them, a comedic and oh-so-reasonably racist sermon elucidating the difficulties in America and their root cause. The Izzy Legit piece combines elements of film clips and live action. Other film clips of Mine`s work will be shown during show transitions.

Ticket price is $5 for the short program, or $10 if audience members also want to see the 10 pm comedy improv show that follows Milne`s performance.

The Overtime Theater will make the OT Emerging Artist Spotlight a regular feature at the theater.  Look for the next OTEAS showcase in early April.