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Published:February 9th, 2010 16:49 EST
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Goes Too Far! She's Depicted As Jesus Christ On Magazine Cover

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of another magazine, this time it`s French fashion magazine Purple.

lindsay lohanSince it`s supposed to be more of an edgy magazine or something, Terry Richardson shot Lindsay as Jesus with her outstretched arms and a crown of thorns." Read More

Western entertainers and artists show no hesitation to blaspheme Christianity as a way to demonstrate that they are edgy and courageous.

Allow me to digress and point out that I`m a free thinker who frequently and vehemently condemns the excesses of Islam, Christianity and other organized religions. I believe that religion shouldn`t be exempt from criticism and ridicule.

But if a clueless celeb like Lindsay Lohan really wants to exhibit bravery and edginess, I dare her to dress up like the Prophet Mohammad. Of course Lohan never will, the pop tart may be stupid but she knows that if she offends Christians they will write letters to the editor, but if she upsets Muslims they may mail her a bomb.

Even folks like me who never darken the door of church are outraged over a self-obsessed Hollywood whore depicted as the humble and compassionate Jesus Christ.

Shame on Lindsay Lohan!

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