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Published:February 15th, 2010 14:09 EST
doug fieger

Doug Fieger, Lead Singer Of The Knack, Dies Of Cancer

By Robert Paul Reyes



"The Knack`s frontman Doug Fieger lost his battle with cancer at his home in Woodland Hills, California, over the weekend. The 53-year-old Detroit native was best known as the voice behind the classic rock hit "My Sharona," which spent six weeks at number one on the Billboard chart in 1979." Read More

The Knack didn`t have a knack for making hits, "My Sharona" is the only one of their singles that comes to mind. But in 1979 everyone was singing "My my my i yi woo MMMM My Sharona...

doug fiegerThe song was an international hit, and it spent six week at the top of the US Billboard chart. My Sharona perfectly captures the zaniness and mindlessness of the 70`s. Some of us had a devil of a time trying to sing the aforementioned lyric after a couple of tokes of weed or a couple of snorts of cocaine. " My fly my my eeni meenii MMM My Sharfona....

Duog Fieger`s monster hit is still a staple of radio stations with an oldies format. In fact, I was singing along to My Sharona just a couple of days ago.

MMMM My Sharona... May Fieger rest in peace, and may his song live forever!

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