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Published:February 21st, 2010 10:46 EST
lady gaga

Will Lady Gaga Pose Nude In Public?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The famous American artist Spencer Tunick who is known for his `installations` in which hundreds of people strip and pose in front of a monument or any famous place, has asked this very popular 23 old singer to fly down to Australia, because he is going to do another installations known as Mardi Gras installation in front of Sydney Opera House." Read More

Male celebrities, with the rare exception of a bimbo with no discernable talent like Levi Johnston, don`t pose naked, regardless how much money they are offered.

lady gagaFemale celebs on the other hand, often pose naked, sometime for just a few thousands dollars. My advice to female entertainers is to not allow themselves to be objectified, and to turn down all offers to pose nude.

However, I would make an exception in the case of Lady Gaga, and I would recommend that she accept Tunick`s offer.

If Lady Gaga posed naked in a public place it would, once and for all, dispel rumors that she`s a hermaphrodite. Not that there`s anything wrong with being an intergender individual, but it would be to Lady Gaga`s benefit if there`s one less controversy swirling around her.

Lady Gaga is much more than just a singer and entertainer, she`s a performance artist. If Gaga posed in the buff in front of a public monument, it would be performance art at its most elegant.

Lady Gaga, whether naked or wearing an outlandish outfit, is a walking work of art. Art shouldn`t be confined to stuffy museums, it should be out in the open for everyone to enjoy.

Lady Gaga, please accept Tunick`s offer, and let the whole world enjoy your body as a work of art.

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