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Published:February 25th, 2010 15:30 EST

Madonna's Boyfriend Cries Like Schoolgirl: Bully Throws Beer In His Face

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna`s lover Jesus Luz was forced to stop his DJ set in Brazil on Sunday after a rowdy clubgoer threw a drink in his face."


If someone threw a beer in my face, I would curse the guy out, if not punch him out. But underwear models are a different breed, Jesus Luz ran away and hid in a corner, and broke down and cried like a schoolgirl.

Jesus boldly returned to his turntables a few minutes later with four bodyguards in tow. Jesus needs to hire those guys full-time, because there will be many times when Madonna won`t be around to protect him.

If someone hurled a drink at Madonna, I can`t imagine her turning the other cheek. She would hit the creep upside his head with one of her cone bras.

Madonna needs to kick Jesus to the curb, and hook up with a real ma -- a crybaby boy.

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